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in South America

Rhythm of Nature

Calatheas come from within the deep rainforests of the Amazon region in South America, where they are frequently found growing in the shadowy zone beneath the dense canopy of vegetation above.

It is in this shaded environment that the leaves unfurl once theday begins and the sun breaks through. The leaves close again at night, since there is then no light to be trapped.

These plants have retained this natural rhythm and, consequently, Calatheas possess the sort of rhythm that you might expect from plants originating from South America.


The motion of their leaves can be observed at home as well. During the course of a day, the leaves will open due to the effect of light.

However, as the day progresses and darkness falls, the leaves close around the plant. One can even detect the rustling sound of their movement.

The Calathea’s rustling can create an extra dimension and added value when watching a thriller in the living room.