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As mentioned before, Calatheas can thrive in domestic environments. They are plants that provide a home with splashes of colour in precisely those places where other plants dislike living.


Apart from the living room, of course, it is ideal in darker areas, such as the hall. And how about the bathroom?

Calatheas feel completely at home in such humid surroundings where they may receive less than average light.


And what about the bedroom? This is just the place where it is particularly good to observe how the leaves close up at night.

In the morning, as the first light filters through the windowpanes, the plant will extend its leaves and unfurl again. In short, this is a plant able to provide a rhythm in many locations within the home.






Calathea performs best at temperatures between 15 and 23 degrees Celsius.
Calathea is a shade-loving plant and dislikes sunlight.
Calathea should be watered lightly twice a week.
Calathea’s leaves are inedible.